Imagine a Greener Toronto
LEAF and the City of Toronto are working together to grow the urban forest. Follow us on Twitter @leaf to learn how you can help plant, care and give.

Donate to LEAF's Urban Forest Fund

Your donations support our planting, education and stewardship programs all year long! 

Fall tree careAdopt-a-Park-Tree Launch Event 
Join LEAF's Young Urban Forest Leaders and other community partners for the Adopt-a-Park-Tree launch event in Regent Park on October 17, 2015.

// Tree Right Place Workshop
On October 14, Join Michael Marcucci, LEAF arborist, to learn how to select, plant and care for trees on your property!

Youth EAB Ambassador Program

Additional rebates of $50 per tree and $5 per shrub are available to York Region Backyard Tree Planting Program participants through our Youth EAB Ambassador Program.

Back Yard Tree Planting Program
Bring the benefits of the urban forest to your backyard by planting native trees and shrubs through our full service and DIY programs!