EAB Ambassador Training WorkshopEAB Training Workshop
All of the 2.8 million ash trees in York Region are at risk of dying due to the Emerald Ash Borer. We must act now to defend our urban forest through treatment and replanting! Attend this free training session and help us spread the word! 

Tree Tenders Volunteer TrainingBecome a Tree Tender
This multi-day course is designed for individuals who want to gain tree-related knowledge and skills. Fourteen hours of indoor and outdoor instruction by experts for $50 (or $70 with course manual).


Ice StormDonate: Urban Forest Fund
Damage from the ice storm means it is more important than ever to plant and maintain our urban forest. Donate to LEAF through the Urban Forest Fund.


Plant something with LEAFPlant in your yard
We offer trees, shrubs and native garden kits through our residential planting programs in Toronto and York Region. Book now and get the best selection of species for your yard.


#IcestormTOPrepare for the next storm
What can we do to better prepare for the storms ahead – and help restore the urban forest? Here are five things you should know about trees in the city and ice storms.

Volunteer Join the movement
Make a difference in our urban forest. Sign up as a LEAF volunteer to lend your skills, time and energy to this important cause.