© 2017 LEAFBackyard Tree Planting Program
Gain shade, beauty, and privacy through our subsidized Backyard Tree Planting Program!

Oakville Planting Program Now Open!
Our Backyard Tree Planting Program is now available in Oakville thanks to a partnership with Oakvilllegreen!

Short Video Explains Our DIY Planting
Short educational videos, a virtual consultation and delivery of trees and shrubs right to your door!

Do-It-Yourself Tree Planting Program
Short videos, personalized advice and trees & shrubs delivered to your door. Available to residents of Toronto, York Region, Ajax and Oakville.

Native Shrub Bundles
Native bee and Edible shrub bundles available for fall delivery! We deliver within Toronto, York Region, Ajax and Oakville.

Donate to Make a Difference

Your gift to LEAF's Urban Forest Fund will help us plant trees and engage communities in caring for them. You can even dedicate your donation to someone special!