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The Multi-Purpose Oak

Posted by Brenna Anstett /
oak acorn
We are all familiar with the term “multi-purpose”, often used in conjunction with a product or item that can be used in multiple ways for many different outcomes. We are all guilty of trying to tackle more than one thing at once to try and save time and money. So if multiuse products are so great, why not plant a multiuse tree?
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A Story Right in My Own Backyard

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At Centennial College, for one of our final courses, journalism students are required to create and write for a niche magazine on a topic of their choice.
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Stepping Up With The Young Conservation Professionals Program

Posted by Melissa Williams /
ycp photo
Last year, I had the amazing opportunity to participate in the Young Conservation Professionals (YCP) Leadership Program, a year-long personal and professional development program serving the conservation and environmental sector in Ontario.
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Highlights from 2014

Posted by Janet McKay /
annual report
Browse through this snapshot of our year and join us in celebrating our collective 2014 urban forest achievements!
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A Warm and Fuzzy Thank You

Posted by Michelle Bourdeau /
© 2014 Michelle Bourdeau
It’s the coldest day of the year so far today, and my heart has been feeling a little heavy with the end of the holidays. As much as I love my job at LEAF, it was amazing to spend two weeks with my family over the break – enjoying the never-ending antics of my 13-month-old son, two dogs, two cats and one husband.
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