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Learning to Prune with LEAF

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Pruning at Saint Clair Station
I've always been intimidated by pruning. As an amateur gardener, I worried that I wouldn't have the right equipment, or that I would prune at the wrong time, or make some other mistake that would damage or kill the plant.
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Top Five Reasons to get a Rain barrel

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Rain barrels are economical, easy to use, and provide lots of benefits! Here are five great reasons to set up your own rain barrel today.
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Meet Tooba, the newest member of the LEAF team!

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Forest canopy
Trees and connecting people with trees – my two passions in life which come together so beautifully at LEAF. LEAF is an organization that I’ve admired and learned from for years and now I am so happy to say that I get to work on LEAF’s Education and Outreach Programs!
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Three Ways to Help Wild Bees in the City

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Gypsy Cuckoo bee - photo by Dr Sheila Colla
Can you tell a wild (native) bee from a honey bee? Did you know there’s a difference? Despite their importance, wild bees face unprecedented threats and urban habitats are proving more and more important for their populations. Fortunately there are some simple things you can do to help these vital pollinators!
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We’re All-A-Buzz!

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Bees on goldenrod in the LEAF learning garden
Introducing our brand new Native Bee Kit- making your yard bee-autiful and bee-friendly at the same time!
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