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LEAF Branches Out: Full Service Planting Program in Northern York Region

Posted by Melissa Williams /
We are excited to announce the launch of LEAF's Full Service Planting Program in Northern York Region!
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Summer Tree Care Tips

Posted by Amy Fedrigo /
Soaker hose
Here's a list of tree care tips for your trees this hot summer season!
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Species Profile: Black Cherry

Posted by Lisa Moore /
Black Cherry Tree
Cherry pies and preserves are great, but this native giant provides so much more than just delicious fruit.
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Not another beetle…

Posted by Brenna Anstett /
Asian Long-horned Beetle
The Asian Long-horned Beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis), a large, exotic wood-boring forest pest native to Asia, is attacking and killing a wide range of deciduous trees across Ontario.
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