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Turning Over a New Leaf

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Matthew Higginson
I started with LEAF back in 2008 as a volunteer. I can remember sitting down with Janet in the Bathurst Street office – an old converted warehouse filled with filing cabinets, old desks, pieces of wood and a modest team. There was Liza, the Volunteer Coordinator who was cool and organized. Todd with his great sense of humour and a personality that just made you want to be around him and learn as much as you could. They invited me out on a subzero night to attend their annual fundraiser and in the brightly lit Gladstone ballroom, I found a group that seemed to all be on the same page.
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From the Zoo to the Forest

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Lisa Moore
My interest in environmental issues and conservation started at a young age, so I’m excited to join LEAF as one of their new Residential Planting Programs Assistants!
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Live green and let LEAF prosper

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Sahar at a LEAF event
Are you attending the Green Living Show this year? If you buy your tickets through us, 50% of the cost will be donated to LEAF! The Green Living Show is Canada’s largest show dedicated to all things green and healthy – and we’re excited to share a booth with the City of Toronto to spread the word about urban wood utilization!
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Plant for luck

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buckeye leaf
We all know rabbit feet and four-leaf clovers have brought people peace of mind for centuries. Early settlers and travellers would carry talismans for good fortune and health. But did you know one of the popular charms when the Canada and the U.S. were young was the rare Ohio buckeye nut, known to bring wisdom and ward off rheumatism?
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Photo of the month

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Trinity Bellwoods
A storm-damaged tree / Tree lovers in snowy park / Bundled against cold
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