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A Tree Tour Through Rouge Park: An Urban Oasis of Biodiversity

Posted by Lisa Moore /
On a beautiful Wednesday morning, a group of around twenty urban forest enthusiasts met to explore Rouge Park with LEAF and learn more about what makes this majestic park so special. We walked and chatted about biodiversity and the challenges facing Canada’s premier urban wilderness park, while enjoying the warm and sunny weather!
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From Lawn to Forest in a Matter of Hours

Posted by Erin MacDonald /
Cliché or not, many hands certainly make light work. What was a lawnmower’s dream – an open patch of unused lawn – was transformed by a burst of busy bodies into a diverse patch of native forest.
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A Walk in Rouge Park

Posted by Robyn Stewart /
Rouge Park, Toronto
Rouge Park is one of the Greater Toronto Area’s hidden jewels. Located on the eastern edge of the city, the park covers 40 square kilometers, stretching from the Oak Ridges Moraine (roughly 50 km north of the City) all the way down to Lake Ontario. While not far from downtown, the park’s historic farms, lush wetlands and wilderness forest make it seem worlds away from the skyscrapers and busy streets of the City’s core.
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Giving Thanks to the Bees

Posted by Victoria Badham /
In the words of punk music icon Joe Strummer, “If you’re after getting the honey, then you don’t go killing all the bees.” This tune always runs through my mind when I read about Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) – a phenomenon in which bees abruptly die off in such numbers that there are not enough left to support the colony.
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Lake Wilcox Neighbourhood Tree Tour

Posted by Melissa Williams /
Lake Wilcox Neighbourhood Tree Tour Blog
On Saturday, September 21, local residents and tree lovers from across York Region braved the rain to explore the Lake Wilcox neighbourhood and learn about the many trees that call it home.
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