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Species Profile: Black Cherry

Posted by Lisa Moore /
Black Cherry Tree
Cherry pies and preserves are great, but this native giant provides so much more than just delicious fruit.
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From Lawn to Forest in a Matter of Hours

Posted by Erin MacDonald /
Cliché or not, many hands certainly make light work. What was a lawnmower’s dream – an open patch of unused lawn – was transformed by a burst of busy bodies into a diverse patch of native forest.
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Tree Tending around the World

Posted by Guest Blogger /
Chang in a Pear Tree
Since I took LEAF’s Tree Tenders Volunteer Training Program two years ago, my life has literally been uprooted -- and, thankfully, is now being transplanted into better soil!
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New species at work!

Posted by Brenna Anstett /
Sycamore (Platanus occidentalis)
Looking to add something to your yard this spring that could eventually shade your hammock, save you money on energy bills, provide privacy or increase your overall property value? Why not plant a tree? I’ve already started consulting this spring, so I’ve been out finding the right trees for people who are seeking fall colours, dappled shade and pretty flowers around their home!
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Keeping it local

Posted by Andrea Bake /
You are walking through a nursery sales floor. You see some beautiful looking plants – green and leafy with giant flowers. But are you sure about where that plant is coming from? Final touches are often made on clothing in Ontario after being shipped in from China. But does that make it Made in Canada? With global supply chains this may be how it goes for the shirt on your back. But I'm not convinced “local” is the word for a small sapling that was sent up from the Carolinas - or one that relocated to grow five years in Canada before being sold.
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