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Vote for LEAF as Toronto’s Best Enviro Group

Posted by Matthew Higginson /
LEAF Learning Garden
This year we’ve been selected to be in the running for Toronto’s Best Enviro Group in NOW Magazine’s Best Of. And if you’re familiar with LEAF, you know we can be pretty stubborn when it comes to certain things. We’re no good at leaving trees to fend for themselves. We spend time making sure they have what they need – space, mulch, water… And we have a terrible habit of leaving behind habitat wherever we go. This photo highlights the transformation that can occur when we bring together the right tools, the right people and the expertise.
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Become a Tree Tender

Posted by Robyn Stewart /
Tree Tenders Volunteer Training
Tree Tenders Volunteer Training courses kicked off last month, and our first ever course in Richmond Hill is starting this weekend! I’m coordinating these courses for the first time this year, and I’m excited to be involved. If you don’t yet know about Tree Tenders, it’s a multi-day course that teaches you all about trees - tree planting, tree care, and even legal issues around trees in the city. You get basic arboriculture training through indoor and outdoor lectures and hands-on activities led by experts. You even get to plant a tree!
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Dirty hands for a clean planet

Posted by Samantha O'Neill /
Hands after the Earth Day Planting event
What a kick-off to National Volunteer Week and Earth Day! Our annual Toronto Hydro Planting event saw 300 LEAF Volunteer Planting Team Leaders and Toronto Hydro participants come out to plant 300 trees and shrubs in Milliken Park. Councillor Lee helped to bring our work into context with the importance of replanting in the midst of the Emerald Ash Borer.
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Goderich versus the Tornado

Posted by Sharmeen Shahidullah /
Replanting trees in Goderich
Storms can be terrifying. They remind us that nature is powerful, often unexpected, and can leave us helpless in its path. Take the recent snowstorms in Toronto. Not the worst Ontario has seen, but enough to put life on hold. Picture vehicles locked in garages, schools and businesses shut down. Those of us brave enough, or with no other choice, venture out at our own risk. These events tend to isolate us – we’re glued to our T.Vs and windows instead.
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This gardening season, don't forget your trees

Posted by Melissa Williams /
Top 5 things for your tree
It’s that time of year when we all want to get outside for barbecues with friends, afternoons on the patio, and time well spent in our gardens. Our urban forest canopy provides us with shade – much needed respite from the hot sun – but it’s important to remember that trees need some extra care from us during these dry summer months. Here’s how you can help you LEAF trees stay cool this season:
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