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Great Toronto Tree Hunt – Winners Announced!
The goal of The Great Toronto Tree Hunt was to engage Torontonians in helping us uncover the beauty and wonder of our urban forest by nominating individual trees that hold special meaning to them. We launched the Hunt on Earth Day, April 22nd, and by the close of our nomination period, June 1st, we had received 390 entries.


I can’t say I was surprised that the Great Toronto Tree Hunt was popular – we know from our experience working in the community that Torontonians love their trees.  But I was surprised by the beauty of the photos and the quality of the stories that accompanied them.  The entries came from the farthest reaches of North York down to Toronto Island, and from West Etobicoke over to the Rouge Valley.  They came from individuals, organizations, community groups and schools.

Public voting helped us select five finalists in each of our nomination categories. LEAF selected another five finalists, for a total of ten finalists in each category. 

It was then up to our judges to select one winner in each category. This was not an easy task. 

The Tree Hunt culminated last night with an awards ceremony announcing our winners! 



“Camperdown Elm” submitted by Jeff McMann (Mount Pleasant Group)


“Dawn Redwood in Edwards Gardens” submitted by Jason Ramsay-Brown


“1850s Tolman sweet apple” submitted by Chris Nolan


“Titan” submitted by Eric Vanderwal


Heritage Potential
“1st Remembrance Day” submitted by Bonita Nelson


You can view all of the 390 entries and read their stories at www.yourleaf.org/treehunt 

A big thank you to our supporting partners that made this project possible!




Janet McKay is the Founder and Executive Director of LEAF. She lives in the Junction amidst a grove of beautiful black locust trees. 


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