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© 2017 David Slaughter/LEAF
In 2015, LEAF worked with students and teachers of Lake Simcoe Public School, the Town of Georgina and the Regional Municipality of York to plant 150 native trees and shrubs in Thornlodge Park. This year, we returned with the students to care for the trees and shrubs already planted, and to add even more!

On Earth Day (Friday April 21st) we started out by welcoming Mr. Rutherford, Ms. Harris, Ms. Corry, Mr. Titus, and Mr. Skelton along with their classes. We reminisced about the beautiful day in October of 2015 when the students planted 150 trees in naturalized areas in the park.  We talked about the stresses and challenges that urban trees face and the importance of coming back to care for trees we’ve planted in the past. We also talked about the importance of planting diverse, native species that provide vital habitat for urban pollinators and other wildlife. 

© 2017 David Slaughter/LEAF

We learned a bit about the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), an invasive insect that attacks and kills all species of ash trees.  Ash trees are widespread in Thornlodge Park and students were able to see first-hand the signs of EAB damage.

© 2017 David Slaughter/LEAF

Throughout the day, students, staff, and volunteers worked together to mulch and care for the past planting. They also planted 60 new native shrubs!

© 2017 David Slaughter/LEAF

Thank you to the students and teachers of Lake Simcoe Public School!   We hope these young leaders will be inspired to continue caring for their urban forest.

Thank you also to our wonderful supporting partners - the Regional Municipality of York and the Town of Georgina - for making this event possible.  And of course a huge shout out to our amazing LEAF volunteers and staff who contributed their time and assistance to make sure the day was a success!

© 2017 David Slaughter/LEAF

Photographs were taken by David Slaughter and Tooba Shakeel.  For more photos of the event, visit our Facebook album.

Tooba Shakeel is an ISA certified arborist and LEAF’s Education and Outreach Coordinator.

LEAF’s stewardship programs are supported by Regional Municipality of York.


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