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2017 Newmarket Edible Tree Tour
This summer, I had the pleasure of returning to the beautiful Town of Newmarket to co-host an Edible Tree Tour with an incredible team of people. Together with local residents, we learned, laughed, told stories, and explored the town! Here are my three most memorable moments from that beautiful, sunny morning!

The tour participants were welcomed by LEAF staff Jillaine and Emily who helped with the tour. My tour co-hosts, Kelly Mingram of York Region and Dallyn Cann of York Region Food Network, were also there to greet participants.

© 2017 Isaac Lee\LEAF

Ready to welcome our tour participants!


We started at the Newmarket Riverwalk Commons and then gradually weaved through the commercial and residential areas of the town until we finally arrived at the Newmarket Farmers market at the end of the tour. 

My favorite moment #1:  People taking the time to learn and understand the parts of a tree that can be used to identify and differentiate similar-looking species. This included looking at leaves, needles, fruits, bark and more! 

© 2017 Isaac Lee\LEAF

Counting the number of needles in a bundle for identifying pine trees!


© 2017 Isaac Lee\LEAF

Learning to recognize the difference between the fruit (nut) of the black walnut and butternut. The nuts of the black walnut tree are rounder in shape than those of the butternut, which are more elongated.


My favorite moment #2: Participants and tour leaders sharing their own stories about how they use parts of trees for making food

© 2017 Isaac Lee\LEAF

Discussing flour made from acorns for baking!


© 2017 Isaac Lee\LEAF

Learning about the use of delicious serviceberries in making jellies and jams


My favorite moment #3: Discovering the rich history of Newmarket from local residents!

© 2017 Isaac Lee\LEAF

Admiring the beautiful historic homes along the tour through residential areas


© 2017 Isaac Lee\LEAF

Learning about a historic elm tree which used to mark a trading post location.

To learn more about the trees and spots highlighted along this tour, check out my recap of last year’s Edible Tree Tour.


We are grateful for the support of our partners from The Regional Municipality of York and York Region Food Network. Special thanks to our incredible volunteers; Carolyn, Glenn, Isaac, and Janice for all their help in making this event a success!


Photos of the Edible Tree Tour were taken by Isaac Lee

Tooba Shakeel is an ISA certified arborist and LEAF’s Education and Outreach Coordinator


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