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Forage for yummy food in your own backyard!

Posted by Brenna Anstett /
Are you hungry to plant some native edibles in your yard this spring? We are excited to announce our brand new edible shrub bundles that will help transform your yard into a sweet and delicious landscape!
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LEAF supports your tree long after it’s planted

Posted by Jacqueline Hamilton /
Days when I get to do follow-up health assessments on LEAF trees and shrubs planted in past years are some of my favourite days!
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Birds, Butterflies and Bees, Oh My!

Posted by Natasha Keshavjee /
When considering nature, most people think about forests and parks, but did you know that your own yard plays a very important role in supporting wildlife in our cities?
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Helen Godfrey, an inspiring champion of Toronto’s urban forest!

Posted by Tooba Shakeel /
A defender of Toronto’s urban forest, Helen Godfrey, has helped mobilize citizens of Toronto to bring much needed attention to pressing issues while providing a large, echoing voice to trees in the city.
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Celebrating Urban Forest Champions!

Posted by Jillaine Yee /
Most often you don’t want to lose sight of the forest for the trees, but sometimes you need to stop and smell the roses to remind yourself to slow down and appreciate the present.
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