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Market Realities

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Spreading Roots
On Thursday, November 3rd, urban forestry enthusiasts gathered at the Toronto Botanical Gardens for the Spreading Roots conference organized by the OUFC and TBG. After procuring coffee and continental breakfast and saying hello to friends and colleagues, we all took our seats and settled in for two days of stimulating tree-related talks.
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A day in the field

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Day in the field
Few things are more inspiring than planting a living thing and knowing it is going to grow. And rarely do I meet people who plant only for themselves - whether it’s in a community garden or your own backyard - there always seems to be an urge to share it with others. That being said, I was still a little thrown off when they told me I would be spending a day in the field planting trees – after all, I had signed on to be in communications, not planting boots...
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My new tree

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Freeman maple
Buying a new home this summer was really exciting. My partner and I got a very cute, detached bungalow with a simple backyard, which my husband calls our “bowling alley” because of its shape. But when we bought the house back in July, the sun was intense and it didn’t rain for the whole month. Not only was the house hot but you couldn't be in the yard for more than 10 minutes without feeling like you were being cooked. I knew I needed to do something, so I started thinking about solutions.
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No stop it, you're the best

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NOW Magazine's Best of TO
Last Thursday we were honoured to be voted Toronto's "best activist organization" by NOW Magazine readers for the second year a row. Over the past decade and a half we’ve been working tirelessly to raise awareness around urban forest issues, empower citizens and encourage them to take action through planting and education.
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The final tour of 2011

Posted by Jessica Piskorowski /
Fall Upper Beaches Tree Tour
The last tree tour of the season couldn’t have been a better one and I was happy to be the one leading it. It’s so great that Councillors like Mary-Margaret McMahon have shown support for the urban forest by organizing relevant events – including the Upper Beaches Fall Tour!
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