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Reflections on a hurricane

Posted by Amanda Gomm /
Leaves along the Humber River
It is a chilly morning. Dampness hangs heavy in the air and clouds sit overhead as people gather in Etienne Brule Park waiting for a Hurricane. Ok... maybe not a "real hurricane" - not today... but we're meeting to remember Hurricane Hazel and the effect she had 57 years ago on the Humber.
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A story of regeneration…

Posted by Matthew Higginson /
damage caused by Hurricane Hazel
There are events in our history which have the power to change the way we live. These remind us how important our environment is, and that we should do better to respect nature. They can be small and beautiful, like the moment you start to notice a particular tree that brings songbirds to your yard on a Sunday afternoon. Or they can be devastating and massive, like the infestation of the emerald ash borer, a tiny insect that is reshaping our streets and parks...
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Seeing Markham for the trees

Posted by Erin Silverstein /
Last week I led our first tree tour in York Region as we explored naturalized areas and parkland in beautiful and historic Unionville. The day began with a downpour of icy cold rain but we managed to stay dry, albeit very chilled, during the afternoon tour. I am thankful for those who came out to learn about trees and the very important role our urban forest plays in our everyday lives.
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Identifying trees in Milne Hollow

Posted by Jessica Piskorowski /
Milne Hollow Tree Identification Tour
This season, LEAF and City of Toronto, Parks, Forestry and Recreation teamed up to provide tours, workshops, plantings, and mulching events at one of Toronto’s least known but most spectacular naturalized spaces – Milne Hollow.
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Discovering Baker's Woods

Posted by Mark Sherman /
Baker's Woods
This past Sunday morning I represented LEAF at the Official Opening of Baker's Woods. There to spread the word about our Back Yard Tree Planting Program in Vaughan, I was lucky to have the opportunity to get to check out this exciting and unique environmental and cultural site in the heart of the city.
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