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Fall and winter tree care

Posted by Janet McKay /
Maple leaf in the fall
It's the first day of fall and our first day of planting, so I wanted to take an opportunity to share some tips on caring for your trees. As the leaves turn to a beautiful display of colour overhead, let's all work together to keep our urban forest healthy.
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Emerald ash borer

Posted by Melissa Williams /
emerald ash borer
Have you heard about the emerald ash borer (EAB)? This introduced pest from Asia that feeds on and kills ash trees was first detected in the City of Toronto in 2007 and in York Region in 2008, and now poses a serious threat to our urban forests.
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Voting on key environmental issues

Posted by Janet McKay /
Great Lakes Act
The provincial election is fast approaching and we all want to know where the parties stand on key environmental issues.
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Ask the arborist

Posted by Andrea Bake /
Quince rust on serviceberry trees
Q: What are these orange growths on my cedars and serviceberry trees?
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Introducing the LEAF blog

Posted by Matthew Higginson /
Green Space
This week is National Forest Week – what better time than now to build a space dedicated to our stories from the field, projects across the urban forest, and issues that affect our leafy counterparts?
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