Q. What are the advantages to planting a tree with LEAF rather than planting one myself?


A. The major benefits for you are the selection of native species we offer and the service we provide. Our staff will meet with you in your backyard to help you get the right tree in the right place. We will take the time to find out what you want. We consider factors such as light, soil conditions and available space, and recommend species and locations that will meet both your needs and the needs of a growing tree. We also deliver and plant the tree for you and provide extensive tree care resources.


Q. Will I need to provide my new tree with any special care?


A. Yes. Your new tree will need help getting established. Regular watering is essential! Twice per week, with a hose trickling for about 15-20 minutes at the base of the tree is best. This should be done from early spring to late fall.  We will provide you with a comprehensive tree care guide and will also be available to answer any tree care questions you may have during the site visit or when you contact us here.


Q. Can I get a tree in my front yard through LEAF?


A. No. Unfortunately we are not equipped to deal with the complications involved in front yard planting such as locating property lines and underground utilities. Call the City of Toronto Forestry Section for free street tree planting at Toronto's information line, 311 or inquire with the City of Markham about street trees at 905.415.7535.


Q. If I pay more money, can I get a larger tree?


A. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate that request. We normally plant smaller trees because they undergo less transplant shock and are better able to adjust to a new location. They will often surpass larger specimens in growth rate and vigour.


Q. Do I need to have a utility check completed before my tree is planted?


A. Yes. We will arrange to have underground utilities located for all trees and shrubs that we plant. We do recommend that if you are planting shrubs yourself that you have all underground utilities located before digging. You can contact Ontario One Call at 1.800.400.2255 to request a utility check for your property. Please note that they may not check all your utilities, so check your bills for the call-before-you-dig numbers that Ontario One Call does not cover.


Q. Can I request planting on a particular day so I can be home?


A. No. Since we conduct the site visit with you ahead of time, we already have all the information we need to plant your new tree. We will give you two days notice before we plant and will require access to your backyard even if you are not at home.


Q. How large will my tree be when it is planted?


A. Trees offered are generally five to eight feet in height for deciduous tree and two to four feet in height for evergreen trees. They are young trees with a narrow trunk and few branches. However, proper care will ensure that they adjust to their new location and grow quickly.