Can you tell a wild (native) bee from a honey bee? Did you know there’s a difference? Despite their importance, wild bees face unprecedented threats and urban habitats are becoming more and more important for their populations. LEAF is working in partnership with Ontario Power Generation to make sure you know about the simple things you can do to help these vital pollinators.



To learn all about wild bees and how you can help:

Visit the Let It Bee campaign website.  

Read our fact sheet "Eight Easy Ways to Create a Bee-autiful Garden."

Watch this new video that tells the story of our native bees.


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If you live in Ajax, Toronto or York Region, you can participate in our planting programs!

Our Native Bee Garden Kit makes it easy to create bee-friendly habitat in your yard!  Containing a variety of native shrubs and perennials that support wild bees, the kits come with garden designs, mulch and care instructions.

Native trees provide incredibly important habitat for wild bees too.  We can help you get the right tree in the right place though our Backyard Tree Planting Program.



Check the Let It Bee website for upcoming bee-related events.


Past LEAF Events:

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Great Canadian Bumblebee Count – St Clair TTC Station Garden – June 4, 2016

Great Canadian Bumblebee Count – Old Mill TTC Station Garden – June 4, 2016

Let it Bee: Helping Wild Bees in the City – May 18, 2016



Follow @wildbeetweets and share your bee-friendly garden photos using the hashtag #LetItBee2016.  Be sure to tag @leaf so we can share them too!