Maple Leaf Forever Tree Wood Projects

A comprehensive catalogue of items made from the Maple Leaf Forever tree.


Todmorden Mills Commemorative Plaque

A plaque made from the MLF wood has been made to commemorate the distribution of the wood from the Maple Leaf Forever Tree to projects across Canada held at Todmorden Mills on June 7, 2014.  The plaque will be given to Todmorden Mills as part of their permanent collection.  The plaque was made by the Toronto Tool Library.


Ontario Science Centre Display

Our Forest Hall offers a wonderful opportunity to showcase this piece of Canadian history – it fits thematically with our intentions and would be seen by hundreds of thousands of visitors each and every year.  The Forest Hall exhibition space focuses on forests and trees, with an emphasis on our local forests. Taking advantage of our location within the Don Valley, our goal is to provide visitors with the opportunity to make connections between the world outside our building, as well as their own backyards and neighbourhoods.  We will use cross sections of the stem and branch for the display.


The Toronto Totem

The Ontario Wood Carvers Association is working with the Ontario Science Centre to host the carving of a large stem piece of the tool with panels on the history of Toronto.  The totem will be on permanent display at the Ontario Science Centre when completed.