Adopt-a-Park-Tree mulching


How can I start an Adopt-a-Park-Tree Program in my park?

Option 1: Do-It-Yourself using the Adopt-a-Park-Tree Manual

Anyone can start an Adopt-a-Park-Tree program and it can vary in size and formality. Each group will find its own level of organization and methods of implementation. The Adopt-a-Park-Tree Manual was developed by Park People and LEAF to help community groups across the city get started. The manual is free and can be viewed online here.

Option 2: Collaborate with LEAF’s Young Urban Forest Leaders Program

The Young Urban Forest Leaders (YUFL) Program is a five-month training program designed to provide young women with hands-on experience in the field of urban forestry and community engagement. Participants in this program receive training and mentorship from LEAF staff. They then collaborate with community groups to help establish new Adopt-a-Park-Tree initiatives. In 2017, LEAF will partner with three community groups to receive support through this program.

Selected groups will receive assistance from a team of three to five Young Urban Forest Leaders over a five month period to:

  • create an inventory, assessment and map of park trees
  • develop a stewardship plan, which includes guidelines on tree care and key details for running an Adopt-a-Park-Tree Program that is specific to your park
  • organize and host a public launch event (that include mulching park trees and a guided tree tour) to help recruit new volunteer adopters
  • determine the supplies needed to launch an Adopt-a-Park-Tree initiative in your park  up to a maximum of $500 value per group to purchase startup materials (includes items like hoses, printing of promotional materials, refreshments for launch event, etc.)


To be considered for this program, community groups must meet the following criteria:

  • be an existing “Friends of” group or other well-organized group that is interested in developing an Adopt-a-Park-Tree Program in their community
  • be associated with a City of Toronto park that has had new trees planted within the last few years (or that will have new trees planted in 2017)
  • have a designated representative that commits to liaising with LEAF and the Young Urban Forest Leaders team
  • be prepared to co-host a public Adopt-a-Park-Tree launch event between August and October of 2017 to raise awareness about the program and recruit volunteer adopters
  • be willing to publicly promote the Adopt-a-Park-Tree Program to encourage more participation (through social media, newsletter, at community events, etc.)
  • commit to ongoing coordination of the Adopt-a-Park-Tree initiative once youth have completed the Young Urban Forest Leaders program in fall 2017
To download a printable information page about the Adopt-A-Park-Tree and Young Urban Forest Leaders Programs, click here.