When you nominate a tree, you will be asked to select a nomination category. You can nominate as many trees as you like in each category below:

Beauty – All trees are beautiful in their own way and have been an inspiration to artists for centuries. Show off your photography skills by capturing the beauty of your favourite Toronto tree in your own creative way.

Uniqueness – Is there a tree in Toronto that you find particularly unique? Share a photo and brief story about how that tree stands out from the crowd, or is uniquely special to you.

Survivor – Trees can be very resilient, growing in the most unlikely places or surviving urban stresses such as development or storms.  Share your photo and story about a tree that seems to have survived against the odds.

Size – Help us find Toronto’s tree giants. In this category we’re looking for trees with the biggest circumference – the type of tree that takes more than one person to hug! To determine the circumference, wrap a flexible measuring tape around the trunk of the tree at approximately 1.3m from the ground. Make sure the tape is snug to the tree and perpendicular to the trunk. Click here for more details and how to measure angled trees and distorted trunks.

Heritage Potential – Heritage trees are notable specimens due to their size, form, shape, beauty, age, colour, rarity, genetic constitution or other distinctive feature. They also have historic or cultural value.  We're looking for trees that meet some of the criteria of a heritage tree.  The winner in this category, as well as the short-list of finalists, will receive help in nominating their tree for heritage recognition through the Heritage Tree Program of Forests Ontario and the Ontario Urban Forest Council.