Tree Tenders Volunteer Training Program

Each time we welcome a new group into the program, watching their general interest grow into an informed mission to help protect and improve the urban forest is inspiring.  Here you will find a few words from our grads themselves.

The passion for trees exhibited by the presenters was infectious (the good kind) and has inspired me to take more notice and care of such a precious resource, our urban forest.

John, June 2015 Graduate

“For someone who already has studied biology, this course was an impressive overview of everything tree-related with a little something for everyone.” 


“I'm pretty sure I've been a "tree "tender" since grade 2, when I started the environmental club and watched The Lorax every night. The fact that LEAF offers accessible, high quality training to enthusiastic tree lovers living in the city makes what seems like an uphill battle all the more worthwhile in a team of passionate plant people all helping to make it happen!”

Rebecca, 2014 Graduate

“I really appreciate how much I will take away from this course. Now that I have a better understanding of what trees need I am already starting to see things in my community that can be easily fixed”

Dave, May 2015 Graduate