Old Mill Community Garden


Planted and maintained by volunteer stewards, our Urban Forest Demonstration Gardens are located at 5 different TTC stations across Toronto. They showcase the beauty of native species and help build Toronto’s urban forest.  They also provide an opportunity for local residents to play an active role in improving their communities.


“Beyond urban beautification, these gardens provide essential habitat for songbirds, butterflies and other pollinators,” said Rita Bijons, one of LEAF’s volunteer stewards.  “These native species moderate temperatures, filter air pollutants, and absorb carbon dioxide through their leaves.”


Where you can find the LEAF Demonstration Gardens

Visit our wonderful gardens at the following TTC subway stations. Note that the gardens are typically located outside the secondary subway entrance and not the main entrance.

Learn more about each garden below by clicking on the links to the LEAF blog!

Bathurst Garden 2014

Bathurst Station (Markham St Entrance)

Jul 29 2015 - Bumbles at Bathurst

Aug 29 2014 - We need to be earth warriors!

Oct 4 2013 - Giving thanks to the bees.
Nov 27 2011 - Go LEAF Go!



Black Eyed Susan

High Park Station (Quebec Ave Entrance)

Aug 17 2015 - LEAF signs the Monarch Manifesto

Dec 3 2014 - Cultivating native plant knowledge




Old Mill Garden

Old Mill Station 

Sep 5 2014 - A little bit of green

Apr 11 2013 - Bringing life to Old Mill station



Planting at Spadina

Spadina Station (Walmer Rd Entrance)

June 16 2014 - Volunteers join monarch butterfly campaign

June 14 2012 - The Spadina garden mystery 

Nov 23 2011 - My time as a steward

Dec 20 2011 - A little holiday cheer 


St Clair Garden

St. Clair Station (Pleasant Blvd Entrance) 

Nov 24 2014 - Thinning the untamed garden

Nov 14 2012 - Our secret garden 

Nov 29 2011 - Improve communtes on station at a time

To become a garden steward, please fill out LEAF's Volunteer Application Form and indicate that you are interested in stewardship at one of the Urban Forest Demonstartion Gardens!