The Young Urban Forest Leaders Program is designed to provide young women with hands-on experience in the field of urban forestry and community engagement.  

This program will provide participants with tangible skills in arboriculture, community organizing and public outreach. According to research published by the Journal of Arboriculture, there is a low representation of women in the industry (approx. 10%). This program aims to shift that. The young women will receive support and mentorship from LEAF staff, as well as guest lectures from other female urban forest leaders and experts. 

After receiving 15 hours of formal arboriculture training and additional project-specific workshops, the participants will work together in teams of three to five to support the creation of an Adopt-A-Park-Tree program in a local park. This will include creating an inventory of existing trees, developing a park stewardship plan, and planning a public event including a guided tree tour in each park.


Using the Adopt-a-Park-Tree Manual, developed by LEAF and Park People, participants will work closely with the local community to build capacity for ongoing protection and care of trees in the park. This unique, five-month training and mentorship program will not only benefit the participants, but also support three new Adopt-a-Park-Tree initiatives in Toronto. 


We are currently accepting applications for the 2017 YUFL program. Applications are due Friday March 31st, 2017. To learn more and to apply, click here.

Join the YUFL Information Session on Saturday March 18th to learn more about the program, ask questions and meet former participants. Registration Recommended.

To download a printable information page about the Young Urban Forest Leaders Programs, click here.


The Young Urban Forest Leaders and Adopt-a-Park-Tree programs are supported by the City of Toronto Community Recreation Investment Program and the Rotary Club of Toronto