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Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests

LEAF is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the urban forest. We offer programs that help you plant, care and give.


Our Backyard Tree Planting Program offers native trees and shrubs to property owners at a subsidized cost.

Our arborists will help you make an educated decision about the type of tree that best suits your property. Find out which one of our programs is right for you!





Images of LEAF volunteers and party goers
LEAF volunteers, project partners, board members and staff came together for a delightful night of celebration and mingling as we reflected on our many TREEmendous accomplishments of 2018!
Images from the map and tags on the trees in the park
LEAF and the Town of Richmond Hill are thrilled to launch this self-guided tree tour, showcasing the native tree species located in the beautiful Lake Wilcox Park.
Arborist watering a newly planted tree
The fall season is a great time to walk through our urban forest to see all the beautiful changing colours, and it is also a great time to add to our urban forest by planting new trees! Throughout September, October and November, our residential planting team worked hard to plant and deliver trees and shrubs to property owners across Toronto, Oakville, Ajax, and York Region!

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