Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests


Our Backyard Tree Planting Program offers native trees and shrubs to property owners at a subsidized cost.






elderberry with berries
Driven by his desire to create a pollinator-friendly environment, Jack Patriarche is working to grow the urban forest in Newmarket right from his yard! From sugar maple to elderberry, this Urban Forest Champion has carefully selected all sorts of native trees, shrubs and perennials to create a colourful, dog-friendly pollinator paradise.
Eastern white cedar cones and scales
Have you ever wondered which trees live in your neighbourhood? Is there a tree that you walk past every day and wish you knew what its name was? We hosted a virtual tree tour that explored some of the common and unique tree species that live in Richmond Hill. Here we highlight some of our favourite species and easy tree ID tips.
Northern wild raisin
Native shrubs are a wonderful addition to your backyard, especially if you have limited planting space, want some added privacy, or are looking to promote greater biodiversity in your yard. Plus, they provide many of the same benefits for backyard birds as trees do!


Tamarak leaf fall colour
Join us on November 16th from 7:00PM to 8:30PM for a virtual tree tour of the Arnold C. Matthews Nature Reserve! Gain winter tree ID tricks and discover the benefits trees provide for biodiversity. After the tour, explore the reserve or a park near you using our activity sheet.

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