Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests


Our Backyard Tree Planting Program offers native trees and shrubs to property owners at a subsidized cost.






Three photos, each with a young woman next to a recently planted tree
Ever wonder who the superheroes are behind our residential tree planting programs? From helping homeowners select the right trees and planting locations for their properties to scheduling our long field days, they’re growing our urban forest one tree at a time!
With temperatures already warming up, it feels like spring is already here and it is time to start preparing for a new gardening season. However, while we might be ready to get to work in our gardens, it’s good to remember that many creatures are still using them as habitat before the spring thaw. Our volunteers came up with a great way to remind people of how important our gardens are for local wildlife during the winter.
red maple keys
A multi-seasonal landscape tree showcases a plethora of changing colours and textures throughout the year. The red maple, also known as the scarlet maple, presents an array of attractive features throughout all four seasons- spring, summer, fall and winter. It is also one of the most abundant and widespread maples in North America with its range extending across Ontario to eastern Canada and down along the American east coast to southern Florida.


Woman next to newly planted trees
Join our virtual Volunteer Orientation on May 3rd to become a LEAF volunteer and learn how you can lend a helping hand!
Join us from the comfort of your home from May 18th to 27th to LEARN the basics of trees from expert instructors. CONNECT with other tree lovers and BE INSPIRED to become an urban forest leader in your community!
Woman planting a small tree
Join our virtual Volunteer Orientation on June 14th to become a LEAF volunteer and learn how you can lend a helping hand!

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