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Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests

LEAF is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the urban forest. We offer programs that help you plant, care and give.


Our Backyard Tree Planting Program offers native trees and shrubs to property owners at a subsidized cost.






Three native flower arrangements.
Flower arrangements are not only great ways to brighten up your kitchen table or work desk, they’re also an attractive way to add interest and warmth to any party or social gathering. Inspired by the native flower arrangements seen at our annual garden party, we share some of our favourite species to use to curate your very own (and very instagrammable) native flower arrangements.
Picture collage. 1) Man singing with a guitar. 2) A vase with native flowers. 3) People looking closely at a shrub in a garden.
With another month or two of warm weather ahead, there is still time to throw a garden party! This year, I had the opportunity to plan the annual LEAF Garden Party for our volunteers, partners and supporters. I learned a lot about planning the perfect garden celebration and wanted to share a few tips to help you throw your own!
Landscape architecture tools, a map, and a finished yard.
Beautifully landscaped outdoor spaces add beauty and interest to a property. But, how do you design a garden that’s tailored to your own unique space? By taking a Landscape Architect’s approach, of course!


Woman reaches up the leaves of a tree
Join us on September 17 for a guided tree tour through the Lake Wilcox Park and discover the natural history of the park through its native tree species!
Two LEAF volunteers posing with flexed arms, feeling happy after working on the Learning Gardens
Join us on September 24 and learn how you can lend a helping hand to the trees in your community. Opportunities include hands-on planting and stewardship, community outreach, event assistance and more.
Four teenagers collecting mulch from a pile
Join us on September 25th and celebrating National Tree Day by greening the community!

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