Helping out Toronto's Park Trees

Through an Adopt-a-Park-Tree program, local communities work together to enhance the urban tree canopy and Toronto's parks.

Modelled on the tree stewardship program started by the amazing volunteers of Friends of Trinity Bellwoods Park back in 2006, this program connects residents with newly planted park trees. Each young tree is adopted by an individual (or a group) who agrees to regularly water, weed and monitor their tree from May to October. The goal is to help new trees thrive in the first three to five years after planting while they establish strong root systems. 

Benefits of an Adopt-a-Park-Tree program: 

  • Adopters become invested in the park and the trees
  • Trees have a much greater chance of survival which can save tax dollars
  • Healthy young trees will add to overall urban canopy


Join an existing project

Many parks in Toronto have a “Friends of” group. Some of these groups have started their own Adopt-a-Park-Tree projects. To find out if there is an existing project in your local park search the Park People finder or see the list of parks we have worked with.

If you would like to adopt a park tree, please contact your park group directly.

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We have been thrilled to work with such inspiring Friends of Parks groups and community groups, whose committed volunteers have shown amazing initiative in getting these programs started and will carry out the hard work of ensuring the young trees in their parks get the care they need in years to come. Connect with the groups below to learn more about their projects. 


Start A Program

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Anyone can start an Adopt-a-Park-Tree program, and it can vary in size and formality. Each group will find its own level of organization and methods of implementation. The Adopt-a-Park-Tree Manual was developed by Park People and LEAF to help community groups across the city get started. The manual is free and can be viewed online


Inside the Manual

Inside this PDF you'll find all the information you need to get started with your own Adopt-A-Park-Tree Program, including information on:

  • Creating a Team
  • Surveying your Site
  • Caring for Your Trees
  • The Tools You'll Need
  • Funding Tips
  • Common Challenges and more!

Adopt-A-Park-Tree Resources