TCH Planting and Stewardship Initiative

Shrubbing It Up in the City!

Man holding two shrubs
As part of the Toronto Community Housing (TCH) Planting and Stewardship Initiative, funded in part by the City of Toronto through an Urban Forestry Grant, Janice Lam, LEAF Program Assistant, and I delivered 247 native shrubs to 15 TCH properties in late September. Before these fun-filled delivery days, we hosted a virtual shrub care training session for TCH tenants. The tenants, both new and seasoned urban forest stewards, will be helping native woody plants survive and thrive on TCH properties!

Growing Teams and Growing Trees at Toronto Community Housing Sites

As autumn sets in, LEAF is wrapping up its third year of the Toronto Community Housing (TCH) Planting and Stewardship Initiative which is funded in part by the City of Toronto's Urban Forestry Grant. And, I am wrapping up my contract as Stewardship Assistant! I wanted to take this moment to share my experience monitoring the trees planted in 2018 and 2019, connecting with TCH tenants and learning about the value of planting trees in low-income communities.

How Much Are Our Trees Worth?

Trees not only look great, but provide plenty of highly valued services for people! In 2019, we planted nearly 75 trees in Toronto Community Housing (TCH) communities and have quantified the benefits these trees will provide throughout their lives. While 75 new trees provide $108 worth of benefits in the first year of planting, by year 75, this cumulative value will reach $81,000!

Trailblazing the Way for Equitable Tree Planting

Man planting a tree in front of a building
We all know the benefits of having big, beautiful trees where we live. However, the unfortunate reality is that some communities miss out on these because their neighbourhoods lack trees. Recognizing the tremendous opportunity to increase canopy cover in the communities that would benefit the most, LEAF, Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC), City of Toronto Forestry and Park People have been trailblazing the way for equitable tree planting! With grants from the Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation, as well as TD Bank Group and the Arbor Day Foundation, the partners worked together with TCHC staff and tenants to plant 150 trees across 11 properties in Toronto.