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Neighbourhood watchdog for trees in need

Our featured Tree Tender grad this week, Lucy Perri, comes from Scarborough near the Don Valley East – land of the Highland Creek and Taylor Massey Creek. Lucy took the course in May 2010, which helped her realize her desire to revitalize the landscape around her condo and the surrounding areas, and empowered her to advocate on their behalf. When she’s not watching over the trees in her own neighbourhood, Lucy loves to visit the Rouge Valley, and Tommy Thompson and Colonel Danforth parks.

Teaching art through the urban forest

Being in school isn’t just about academics; it’s also about exercising social skills through interaction with your classmates and team work. Sure, you can read about how to make friends or how to play a sport, but you can’t argue with the fact that participation is the best way to learn these skills. Apart from the obvious examples of learning a sport or making a friend, there’s the stuff you read about in your school books as a kid that you never actually get to do.

Bringing Life to Old Mill Station

Next in the series of Tree Tender graduate profiles: I’d like to introduce a team! Meet Teresa Chan, Joe Chan, Maxine Chan, Margaret Calder, Natalia Jakubek, and Audrey Jakubek. This dedicated team of Tree Tender graduates united with a common passion for trees and gardens to transform the view outside their local subway station, Old Mill, into a thriving pocket of biodiversity and LEAF's first Urban Forest Demonstration Garden.

The Tree Doctor is in the House

Last week while browsing through the materials from past events, I came across a box full of Tree Tender graduate profiles. As I began reading these I was fascinated by the diversity of these individuals and their motivations for taking the course - from wanting to start their own local projects to a casual interest in the environment to just a simple passion for trees!