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Growing Together: Planting Trees for a Better Planet

Newly planted shrub in Ajax
A new homeowner passionate about environmental sustainability, Rema is working to mitigate the climate crisis right from her backyard in Ajax. Determined to turn a once treeless backyard into something beautiful and sustainable, this Urban Forest Champion is excited to watch her newly planted native trees grow, as her children do, and provide benefits locally and globally.

Creating a Dog-Friendly Pollinator Paradise with Native Species

elderberry with berries
Driven by his desire to create a pollinator-friendly environment, Jack Patriarche is working to grow the urban forest in Newmarket right from his yard! From sugar maple to elderberry, this Urban Forest Champion has carefully selected all sorts of native trees, shrubs and perennials to create a colourful, dog-friendly pollinator paradise.

Planting Native Species to Feed and Shelter Local Wildlife

Grey dogwood
A passionate gardener and bird feeder from Georgina, Lynn Slaney is working to create a landscape that can be enjoyed by her and her family, as well as local wildlife. From oak and elm to cedar and chokeberry, this Urban Forest Champion has planted all sorts of native trees, shrubs and perennials that provide important food and shelter for local birds, bunnies and more!