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Lessons from Naturalizing Richmond Hill’s Urban Forest

Danielle holding silver maple leaf
Throughout May and early June, LEAF staff members were busy bees naturalizing public lands in the City of Richmond Hill. As a first-time tree planter, I was amazed that we were able to plant over 700 native trees and shrubs in just seven days! As I reflect back on the planting days, every day was unique and offered new learning opportunities for me. Here are three lessons I learned as a first-time tree planter!

Maple Leaf Forever - Canada’s Flowers

At Todmorden Mills, a small shed protected the remaining pieces of the Maple Leaf Forever Tree. On a cold February day, prospective designers took turns in that shed, looking for inspiration. There, in the corner, was a large piece calling our name. This was the beginning for the Ontario Wood Carvers Association - we had the wood, but we still had to decide what to do with it.