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Bayview Buckets: Surging Forward in 2013

Our Bayview Buckets adopt-a-tree watering initiative got off to a late start last summer, but this year I’m looking forward to a full season of watering to help the trees thrive. Last year, I canvassed all the merchants on this four-block long neighbourhood commercial strip at Bayview Ave. and Davisville Ave. Most (over 20) of the businesses were on side and agreed to water the tree in front of their store when the weather became hot and dry. Some were quite enthusiastic and promised to put flowers in their tree planters for spring 2013!

Keeping up with Bayview Buckets

I first blogged about Bayview Buckets in December of last year. Back then it was just an idea: persuade merchants along the four-block commercial strip in my neighbourhood to take ownership of the street trees growing out front. We would encourage them to “adopt” the tree by agreeing to water it from May to September.

Bayview Buckets

Street trees are often neglected and I have long felt that communities should take some responsibility for their care. In my neighbourhood, on Bayview Avenue north of Davisville subway station, there is a four-block commercial strip that thrives – but unlike the businesses, the trees aren’t doing so well. The west side is lined with trees in concrete planters but the east is presently without any greenery due to sidewalk reconstruction. The difference between the two is stark and so I decided to attempt a tree care project.