Spring Buds and Fall Foliage at Colonel Samuel Smith Park

Colonel Samuel Smith Park is famous as a bird watching hotspot and for its outdoor ice rink trail, but this year it became the site of another exciting development! In the spring and fall of 2018, LEAF hosted a special two-part Tree Tour series in this park. Tour participants had the delightful opportunity to learn seasonal tree identification tips from our certified arborist.


Breathtaking fall foliage at Colonel Samuel Smith Park

Colonel Samuel Smith Park is a large green space on the Etobicoke lakeshore known for its diversity of habitats and providing a great opportunity for wildlife sightings. It also made an ideal location for our “Tree Identification by the Season Tour”, a two-part series held in spring and fall.




The spring/summer session was held on May 27th and was a perfect late spring day: warm and sunny with beautiful clear skies. Brenna Anstett, our certified arborist, led over 45 participants through the park on a 90-minute tour.







Brenna returned to lead the fall/winter session on October 27th. This time, more than 55 participants braved the cold and wind to revisit the tour route under skies threatening rain. The grey afternoon was all the better to contrast against the beautiful fall foliage!




As various species bud, bloom and leaf out at different times, the two tours focused on identifying the species by their individual seasonal markers on display. In the spring tour, the identifiers were typically buds, flowers and leaf shape. Whereas in the fall tour, identifiers were typically leaf fall colour, fruits, bark and growth form. The most exciting part was that these two tours engaged our senses: we observed leaf colour, smelled flowers, tasted edible fruits, felt the texture of the bark and even listened to the leaves swaying in the wind.


Using all our senses to identify trees and shrubs

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Many thanks go to past LEAF board member, Jennifer Dillon, for her personal contribution that made this special Tree Tour series possible. Tree Tours help protect the urban forest by fostering a connection between residents and trees. Support a local Tree Tour in your neighbourhood or park to help raise awareness of the urban forest around us. Visit this page to find out more.


Daniela Serodio is the Marketing and Communications Intern at LEAF.