We need to be earth warriors!

There is something so peaceful and satisfying about literally putting your hands in the dirt and creating something so beautiful. Read about volunteer Natasha Keshavjee's experiences stewarding LEAF's Urban Forest Demonstration Garden at the Bathurst TTC Station this summer.


I first started with LEAF as an outreach volunteer which I really enjoyed. However, I was not an expert in planting or gardening and in order to help educate others at outreach events, I wantedto build my own knowledge first. The Garden Stewardship Team was the perfect place to learn all about how to properly care for a native garden. I learned a lot from other stewards as well as from myself. This year, I started planting in my backyard for the first time thanks to LEAF!


I love the peacefulness of watering, pruning, mulching and even cleaning up the garbage. There are so many experts on the Bathurst Garden Team and I’ve loved meeting them and learning from them. As a steward, I’ve learned how to properly dig (how wide, how deep, how far from other plants and trees). I’ve learned about healthy soil and the importance of mulching (how much and where to place it). I’ve learned about proper pruning techniques and how often we should be watering the plants. 


I want to encourage people to get involved in any way they can to take care of the Earth, whether it’s spreading knowledge and awareness about environmental issues or physically getting into the dirt and creating life. Earth protects us and gives us everything we require. We need to give back and protect our home. We need to be Earth warriors! 



Natasha Keshavjee recently graduated from York University with a double major in International Development Studies and Environmental Studies. She has a strong interest in environmental education and communication. During her spare time she loves to travel, read and explore the great outdoors. 


LEAF’s Urban Forest Demonstration Gardens are located at 5 different TTC stations across Toronto, and are supported by Ontario Power Generation. They showcase the beauty of native species and help build Toronto’s urban forest.  They also provide an opportunity for local residents to play an active role in improving their communities. To become a garden steward, please fill out LEAF's Volunteer Application Form and indicate that you are interested in stewardship at one of the Urban Forest Demonstration Gardens!