Five ideas for a successful tree planting strategy

We’re excited that the City of Toronto is creating a tree planting strategy! Lots of people are asking us what we think and of course, we have no shortage of ideas!


Here are five ideas we think are key:

1. Get the right tree in the right place and ensure quality over quantity. This approach may require more initial investment per tree, but will yield larger-growing, healthier, long-lived trees that provide environmental, social and health benefits.



2. Prioritize education, training and community engagement

  • Support Adopt-a-Tree programs that engage citizens in care of public trees
  • Provide education and training for private property owners/managers as an integral part of all planting initiatives
  • Support efforts of neighbourhood tree groups and Friends of Parks groups
  • Engage youth




3. Track, monitor and report on the survival and health of all trees planted. Share success stories and lessons learned in order to inspire and continually improve planting efforts.




4. Work in partnership with non-profit organizations to expand planting programs that have demonstrated past success.  Examples include:

•  LEAF - Subsidized Backyard Tree Planting Program
•  Evergreen - Greening School Grounds Program
•  Toronto and Region Conservation - Sustainable Neighbourhood Retrofit Plan (SNAP) and Partners in Project Green.



5. Expand the free city street tree program to include public and non-profit agencies such as Toronto Community Housing, libraries, senior centres, churches, etc. Train and support tree stewards in each recipient community.



Have your say!  Complete the online survey or attend an upcoming public meeting to contribute your ideas to the strategy.  Attend an upcoming public meeting on Nov 16th, 17th or 30th and/or complete the online survey. Visit the City’s website for details.