Create a Bee-utiful Yard

Our native bee kits are a combination of shrubs and perennials that help you attract a variety of bees to your yard, providing shelter and food for these important pollinators. Although they don’t get as much attention as their showier cousins, they play a crucial role in sustaining our ecosystem!


Here’s a quick look at some of the species included in the garden kit that are perfect for bees!

Bee balm (Monarda didyma)

A beautiful red perennial with nectar that attracts long-horned bees, these flowers will give a splash of colour to any garden between June and August.


Meadowsweet (Spiraea alba)

An upright deciduous shrub growing up to four feet tall with cone-shaped clusters of tiny, white flowers that bloom between June and September. The flowers attract solitary mining bees, sweet bees and bumble bees.



New England aster (Symphyotrichum novae-angliae)

This is an attractive perennial that features a profuse bloom of daisy-like asters with purple rays and yellow centres. These flowers add colour to your garden late in summer and can persist into autumn. These late blooming flowers attract small carpenter bees, leafcutter bees, bumble bees, sweat bees and long-horned bees.


Wild columbine (Aquilegia canadensis)

A spring blooming perennial that features drooping bell-like red and yellow flowers that attract bumble bees and sweat bees.


These garden kits will do best in locations with full sun and well-drained soil, and are available in two different sizes to fit your space. Various garden design options are also offered to help you personalize your yard.

What's Included

Large Native Bee Kit (covers approx. 55 square ft)

  • 52 perennials
  • 4 shrubs
  • Mulch
  • Garden design suggestions
  • Tips to help your garden succeed

Price: $265 + HST


Small Native Bee Kit (covers approx. 25 square ft)

  • 22 perennials
  • 2 shrubs
  • Mulch
  • Garden design suggestions
  • Tips to help your garden succeed

Price: $145 + HST


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Jillaine Yee is LEAF’s Communication and Fundraising Coordinator.


Thank you to the Regional Municipality of York for designing the "Create a Bee-utiful Garden" infographic.


The Backyard Tree Planting Program is supported by the City of Toronto, The Regional Municipality of York, Toronto Hydro, Ontario Power Generation, The Town of Newmarket, The Town of Ajax, and Oakvillegreen.


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