Birds, Butterflies and Bees, Oh My!

When considering nature, most people think about forests and parks, but did you know that your own yard plays a very important role in supporting wildlife in our cities?

Yards are a favourite place for birds, butterflies and bees alike, to do their very important pollinator jobs; eat and rest! However, in recent years, threats to biodiversity such as climate change, pollution, diseases and loss of native species have resulted in a decrease of habitat and food for wildlife.  Native flora is crucial for biodiversity, which plays an important role in sustaining all walks of life.

You may remember the recent buzz about our bees and the various man-made factors influencing their populations. The significant decrease in our native bee populations affects biodiversity, in turn threatening the livelihood of other species - including humans! All species depend on each other and if one species is negatively affected, others could be too.  The good news is that you can help change this outcome and support these exceptional creatures. By diversifying your garden with LEAF’s Native Bee, Bird, Butterfly or Shade Kits, you are providing habitat and food sources for our native wildlife and protecting biodiversity in your community!

2016 David Slaughter/LEAF
A Swallowtail Butterfly rests on a blooming shrub.


LEAF’s Native Garden Kits include a variety of native shrubs and perennials specifically chosen to help you attract wild friends to your own garden! When planting, be sure to select the right location for each species. The shrubs and perennials in the Bee, Bird and Butterfly Kits will do well in well-drained soil and full sun locations and those species in the shade-thriving kits will do well in well-drained soil and shadier locations.

Native Butterfly Garden Kit 


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Native Songbird Garden Kit 


LEAF’s Native Garden Kits are available for delivery to residents of Toronto, York Region and Ajax! Each Kit comes in two sizes: large ($265 + HST), which covers approximately 55 square feet of garden space and includes 52 perennials and 4 shrubs, and small ($145 + HST), which covers approximately 25 square feet of garden space and includes 22 perennials and 2 shrubs. All kits also come with sample garden designs, species descriptions, mulch and a LEAF planting and care guide!

Contact us today to place your Native Garden Kit order for Spring 2017!

Natasha Keshavjee is LEAF’s Residential and Planting Programs Assistant.

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