Toronto Wildlife Centre and LEAF Join Together on #BackyardBiodiversity Campaign

Your backyard is more than just a comforting green space to relax in. It’s an important part of Toronto’s urban habitat for both plants and animals. From May through December 2018, LEAF is working in partnership with Toronto Wildlife Centre and Ontario Power Generation to provide tips on how to ensure your backyard is beautiful and welcoming for both humans and wildlife.



The urban forest and urban wildlife are highly dependent on each other. For instance, did you know that many small animals burrow in the ground, and what stops them from being flooded out after a storm are the trees, shrubs and root systems that absorb rain right when it falls? It’s true! There’s a myriad of ways in which plants can help support the safety and health of wildlife.









A garden with plants that produce seeds and berries can act as an important feeding ground for migrating birds and act as a great natural alternative to a bird feeder. While crowding at bird feeders can cause transmission of illness and attract predators, native gardens allow birds to spread out and eat to their heart’s content!









By planting trees and shrubs, you can insulate your backyard from loud city noises. This not only creates a more relaxing space for you and your family, but for wildlife too. Many native species’ sensitive ears and reactive instincts mean that they do best in calm, quiet spaces.

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The #BackyardBiodiversity campaign is supported by Ontario Power Generation.


Rachel Marcus is LEAF’s Marketing and Education Assistant.