Planting Trees for a Healthy Planet

Swamp white oak, Ohio buckeye and paper birch in a backyard
Like many parents, Cheryl Gula is passionate about ensuring there is a healthy planet for her son as he grows up. This Urban Forest Champion is doing her part to make sure that happens by using the available space on her Markham property to plant trees. Her backyard trees will not only benefit her son, but the winder community for generations to come!

Inspiring Reflections from our Planting Crews!

A person watering a pin cherry tree in a backyard
The New Year has just begun and we’re busy preparing for our spring 2021 tree planting season! As we look ahead, I find myself reflecting on last year’s accomplishments. Despite having to postpone our spring season as a result of COVID-19 restrictions, we still managed to plant 1,176 native trees and shrubs on private property. Furthermore, we successfully expanded into parts of Durham Region, making it our busiest and most rewarding planting season yet!

Stewardship, Education and Volunteering in an Uncertain Year

six people celebrating surrounded by young recently planted trees
Throughout 2020, our Community Programs team was tasked with adapting many of our programs and events to follow ever-evolving public health guidelines. Despite the many changes, we were able to continue to engage volunteers and community members with fun and informative programs aimed at protecting and enhancing the urban forest. Here are some of the year’s accomplishments.

Plant Native Species for Backyard Biodiversity

Periwinkle and wild geranium, reads "Native Alternative to Invasive Species"
Did you know that the plant choices we make in our gardens can impact the urban forest and the wildlife that call it home? Non-native, invasive species continue to be popular garden choices and are widely available for purchase. Unfortunately, these species can escape our yards and wreak havoc in natural areas! The good news is that there are many beautiful native species that can be planted in their stead that have similar characteristics and only positive consequences for nature!