How Does Weather Impact Our Trees?

a leaf with browning edges and discolouration
Checking the weather forecast is a daily ritual for many of us. After all, weather impacts our physical and mental wellbeing. But weather also impacts other life forms including trees, which can be even more sensitive to its unstable nature. When the forecast calls for periods of undue weather, learn how to spot common stress symptoms in your tree so you can help protect it against potential threats before they become problematic.

Enhancing Biodiversity in Markham’s Grandview Park

People planting trees in a woodlot
LEAF held a planting event in Markham this June, increasing native tree and shrub diversity in a beautiful woodlot. Long-time LEAF volunteer, Peter Cox, has dedicated years of stewardship to this woodland area in the company of other Markham residents. LEAF welcomed the opportunity to boost local efforts with an understory planting event! Our Naturalization Assistant, Alexandra Catibog, describes her time spent working with this incredible community.

TCHC Tenant Cares For His Trees and Community

For the past five years LEAF has been working with Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) tenants to green their communities and strengthen community ties. Meet one of the TCHC tenants we’ve been lucky to work with: Anthony Foster. As a Tree Care Team member, Anthony cares for two trees on his property through regular watering and mulching. Anthony is a keen and knowledgeable community member who understands the impact of planting native trees today for a better tomorrow.

Earth Tending with SpruceLab and LEAF

LEAF was lucky to take part in SpruceLab's 'Earth Tending' green infrastructure employment and training program this spring. We teamed up with a group of Indigenous community members to plant 100 trees and shrubs in Richmond Hill. The intention of the gathering was for both groups to work towards a common goal of naturalizing David Hamilton Park, while sharing ecological, cultural and skill-building knowledge with one another.