You could really use a tree

This week ads went up along transit lines and will run for the next month. The message? "You could really use a tree." What a simple line - but it really captures the spirit of what we do at LEAF. When I first saw these I loved the humour, and the fact that we could use it to help tell our story. They speak to the issues we face and that Toronto's urban forest can really use a hand.

Recycling: another reason to love the urban forest

With a high number of trees being removed each year in the GTA due to storm damage, insect infestations, disease, and urban development it’s a shame to see so many good trees go to mulch. While this method is very useful for nourishing the remaining urban forest, I’ve seen how fallen trees can also be transformed in other ways and passed down through generations as tables and benches. The issue of “urban wood waste” is not just unique to Toronto; it is a Canada-wide problem.

Caring for fruit trees

With the surge of interest in the local food movement, more and more Torontonians are planting fruit trees in their yards, school grounds, or in their local parks. After all, why should we import fruit from around the world when we can grow it in our own communities? With proper care and nurturing, a fruit tree can feed us for up to 50 years or more.