Species Profile: Pawpaw

Every so often we choose a particular species to focus on from our residential planting programs. These are written to explore the unique characteristics more deeply than what is featured on our profile gallery, while offering insight as to why we choose to plant them in backyards across Toronto and York Region. This month we look at the pawpaw – a new addition to our list and a delicious twist on native species.

Trees and art in the city

As a tree enthusiast, most walks I take are spent with my head up in the canopy. I observe trees for their form, leaves, over all health, wildlife and the urban stresses they face. During the winter, my gaze shifts. I like the opportunity to examine the naked tree’s architecture and to practice my non-leaf based identification skills - relying on the more subtle tells of the twigs and bark. With the added challenge of winter identification, I have found myself taking more time to let my eyes wander. Recently I have been noticing some neat tree-connected art around our city.

Keeping the Urban Forest on a Healthy Diet

Salt. It's on our tables, in our food and on our sidewalks. It has been linked to high-blood pressure and cardiovascular disease in us; discoloured leaves and sparse foliage in our canopies overhead. And as pressure grows to get Canadians to ease up on our intake, it may also be time to put our trees on a low-sodium diet.