My new tree

Buying a new home this summer was really exciting. My partner and I got a very cute, detached bungalow with a simple backyard, which my husband calls our “bowling alley” because of its shape. But when we bought the house back in July, the sun was intense and it didn’t rain for the whole month. Not only was the house hot but you couldn't be in the yard for more than 10 minutes without feeling like you were being cooked. I knew I needed to do something, so I started thinking about solutions.

Halloween magic in the urban forest

As Halloween approaches and many people are dressing up their homes with spiderwebs, skeletons and tombstones, it’s a great time to dress up your yard for spring (yes, spring!) by planting trees and shrubs. Planting a tree in the fall, late September to mid-November, will give your trees a head-start for the coming season. Once the new tree has dropped its leaves, it begins to develop roots until the first freeze. These roots will help the tree leaf-out in a healthy way next spring!