Our Garden Stewards Spring into Action!

Our volunteer Garden Steward Teams recently gathered to celebrate the longer days and warmer weather by waking up our Urban Forest Demonstration Gardens. From planting and dividing perennials to chopping dead plant material to use as cost-effective mulch, our Garden Stewards had fun working together for a successful start to the gardening season!

Three Easy Design Tips to Plant a Biodiversity-Boosting Wildlife Garden

Did you know that the more diverse the urban forest is, the healthier it is? A healthy urban forest means more benefits for everyone – from the plants that make it up, to species that call it home! Check out three easy ways you can help boost biodiversity in your own yard.

Our Richmond Hill Biodiversi-tree Event Was the Bees Knees!

Bicoloured Agapostemon (Agapostemon virescens) on yellow flower
Our goal at LEAF is to teach people about the value of the urban forest. Remember, it’s not just humans who benefit from trees in our cities, but also a wide variety of urban wildlife – including bees! We hosted a virtual event to explore bee-friendly trees in Richmond Hill and steps we can take to support local pollinators. Here are some of the most buzz-worthy takeaways from our event.