Creating Resiliency Through Biodiversity in Durham Region

Alicia McNutt is the Naturalization Assistant at LEAF.
There are countless benefits to enhancing biodiversity. LEAF’s naturalization planting events assist in recreating diverse, sustainable and resilient urban forests. Through increasing plant diversity, LEAF protects public lands and urban forests for future generations, while helping connect people to their local environments and to each other. These events are crucial to creating and sustaining healthy environments.

Kentucky Coffeetree – The Halloween Tree

Kentucky Coffeetree silhouette in winter
The spookiest time of year is just around the corner! With its sinister silhouette, furrowed bark and wild, spreading branches, it’s no wonder the Kentucky coffeetree (Gymnocladus dioicus) is known as the Halloween tree. Standing nearly 45 feet tall, its bare, irregular crown makes for the perfect haunted house backdrop!

Stewarding our Naturalization Planting Sites in York Region

Volunteers removing invasive plants
Newly planted trees and shrubs are vulnerable to many threats including invasive species and extreme weather conditions which impact the development of young plants. That’s why it’s so important for LEAF to return to our planting sites and provide much-needed care to our young trees and shrubs.