MythBusters: Debunking Five Common Tree Misconceptions

Sketch of underground roots stretching out from mature tree
Tree care tips and tricks that spread by word-of-mouth are often accepted as common knowledge over time. However, as theories and tree care practices evolve, new knowledge is not so quick to spread among the general public. As a result, many of today’s common tree misconceptions actually stem from out-dated practices or theories. Because these misconceptions can do more harm than good, it’s important to get to the bottom of the truth.

The Importance of Biodiversity in Outdoor Spaces

Naturalized front yard
An increase in suburban development has led to the extensive clearing of native vegetation, resulting in a loss of habitat for wildlife living in those areas. The good news is that you can help shift this pattern! If you own a property, you have the chance to create a sanctuary for wildlife in an increasingly urbanized landscape by helping to grow a more diverse and sustainable urban forest. So, when thinking about designing your garden, keep biodiversity at the forefront of your mind with these three tips.

One TREE-mendous Volunteer!

Lillian Natalizio
Our Stewardship Coordinator, Brian Millward, had the pleasure of speaking with Lillian Natalizio about her experience with LEAF and her passion for the urban forest. From stewardship in our demonstration gardens to participating in community tree planting events, Lillian has participated in almost every volunteer program we offer since she joined our community in 2015! In total, she has donated over 350 hours of her time to protecting and enhancing the urban forest.