Your Top Multi-Unit & Business Tree Planting Program Questions – Answered!

close up of silver maple leaves
Are you looking to make your Multi-Unit or Business property more beautiful, environmentally friendly and energy efficient? We help property owners in the City of Toronto, York Region, and most of Durham Region plant native trees and shrubs at subsidized rates. We understand that planting on Multi-Unit or Business properties can seem daunting at first. From tree selection to spacing requirements, we’ve heard your questions and we have the answers!

Setting in Motion A Career in Outdoor Education

A young woman on a trail, looking out into the natural landscape
Kathryn found herself in a position that may be relatable to other young adults: a strong desire to build a career, in her case in the environmental sector, but having limited work experience. Fortunately, through her participation in the Young Urban Forest Leaders (YUFL) Program, Kathryn found herself on a path to achieving her career goals!

What You Need to Know About Our Newest Invasive Urban Forest Pest: The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

Hemlock Wooly Adelgid
Invasive species are no stranger to the urban forest. Dutch elm disease, emerald ash borer and spongy moth are a few of the destructive species we have become familiar with. The hemlock woolly adelgid is Ontario’s newest unwelcome pest but the good news is we can all take steps to help manage it.

“Bee” a champion for our local pollinators!

Bumble bee on St. John's wort flower
Have you heard the recent buzz about the challenges facing our native bee populations? Due to factors such as climate change, loss of habitat and food sources, invasive plants and pesticide exposure, native bee population levels are threatened. Good news though - you can help! LEAF offers Native Bee Shrub Bundles designed to provide habitat and food sources for our native bees!