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Do-It-Yourself Tree Planting

Do It Yourself Tree Planting
Looking to try something new and exciting this spring? How about planting a tree? The LEAF Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Tree Planting Program is perfect for those that want to connect with nature and get their hands dirty. Through the DIY program, homeowners can plant their own tree while still receiving the benefits of personalized advice from a certified arborist. Additionally, virtual consultations, contactless delivery and a lower price make this planting option extremely flexible and appealing.

What Does Evergreen Really Mean?

Spruce branch covered in snow
Trees that tend to hold on to their foliage are known as evergreen trees. Although it might seem like an intuitive word, there is still much confusion surrounding this tree group. Are all conifers evergreen? Do all evergreens have needles? Do evergreens make for good backyard trees? We answer all this and more!