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The Common Hackberry- An Urban Tree That Isn’t So Common

©2016 Lindfield
A hardy, urban shade tree, the hackberry (Celtis occidentalis) can easily withstand strong winds, pollution, heat, salt, and tough soils, while still adding visual interest and beauty to a landscape. This tree often flies under the radar, but its ability to attract a variety of wildlife makes it the perfect tree to help you create a diverse ecosystem in your own backyard.

Meghan Lockington-Minns, an Urban Forest Champion!

©2017 Meghan Lockington-Minns / LEAF
Meghan has been rooting for a healthy environment for as long as she can remember! She has planted a tree and many shrubs and perennials through LEAF and has passed on her strong environmental values to her children, who have now taken their own steps to enhance our urban forest. Meaghan Lockington-Minns is this month’s Urban Forest Champion!

First Remembrance Day Trees Honour Fallen WW1 Soldiers

Six beautiful maple trees have stood tall in front of the Lambton Park Community School for 97 years. On the 100th anniversary of the school, these trees were recognized as heritage trees through Forests Ontario’s Heritage Tree Program, highlighting their importance in the history of our nation, as well as the local Lambton Park community.