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The White Spruce- A Living Canadian Legacy

White spruce
A legacy tree that holds exceptional cultural, historical, and intrinsic value, contributing to a natural landscape in many ways over time. The white spruce (Picea glauca), a geographically abundant tree species found east to west across the country, as far north as the arctic tree line, and as far south as the northern states, is a Canadian legacy.

Trees Lower Energy Costs

Tree growing out of a handful of coins
I grew up in Exeter on a property covered by giant spruce, cedar and maple trees. They were always such a huge part of my life, providing me with excellent hiding spots during neighbourhood games of hide-and-seek, giving us piles of leaves to jump into in the fall, providing us with shade to cool off in the summer and housing local wildlife, like robins and white squirrels! But another value that they offer - something that doesn’t always get a ton of attention - is the way trees can help conserve energy and provide us with financial benefits.

The End of Another UnbeLEAFable Fall Planting Season

Arborist watering a newly planted tree
The fall season is a great time to walk through our urban forest to see all the beautiful changing colours, and it is also a great time to add to our urban forest by planting new trees! Throughout September, October and November, our residential planting team worked hard to plant and deliver trees and shrubs to property owners across Toronto, Oakville, Ajax, and York Region!

The Maple with Many Names

A popular native maple tree along urban streets, the silver maple is aptly named for the colour of its bark and the silvery underside of its leaves. With its delicate foliage and natural habitat of rich, moist soils, the silver maple is also commonly known as the soft maple, river maple, swamp maple and water maple.

The Common Hackberry- An Urban Tree That Isn’t So Common

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A hardy, urban shade tree, the hackberry (Celtis occidentalis) can easily withstand strong winds, pollution, heat, salt, and tough soils, while still adding visual interest and beauty to a landscape. This tree often flies under the radar, but its ability to attract a variety of wildlife makes it the perfect tree to help you create a diverse ecosystem in your own backyard.