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Spring Buds and Fall Foliage at Colonel Samuel Smith Park

© 2018 David Slaughter & Kanchan Maharaj / LEAF: images side-by-side of the tour group in the spring and fall
Colonel Samuel Smith Park is famous as a bird watching hotspot and for its outdoor ice rink trail, but this year it became the site of another exciting development! In the spring and fall of 2018, LEAF hosted a special two-part Tree Tour series in this park. Tour participants had the delightful opportunity to learn seasonal tree identification tips from our certified arborist.

Our Top Species Picks for #BackyardBiodiversity

“© 2016 Brenna Anstett
Outdoor spaces, when properly planned and planted, can be such a great resource! A well designed yard can act as an outdoor extension of your home, where your family can relax. It can also serve as vital habitat for local wildlife. Designing a wildlife-friendly yard is an easy way to improve our urban forest and promote local biodiversity.