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What You need to Know About Oak Wilt, The Invasive Fungus Threatening Our Oak Trees

Beneath the cracked bark, the fruity-smelling, grey, white or black fungal mats can be found
Oak trees fulfill significant ecological and cultural roles in our urban forest but in 2023, our mighty oaks came face-to-face with a new threat: oak wilt. Check out our top questions and answers about oak wilt and learn what you can do to help prevent the spread of this invasive pest.

Fighting Food Insecurity with the Urban Forest: Four Native Shrubs to Plant This Year

collage image of fruits from american hazelnut, common elderberry, black chokeberry and serviceberry
Food insecurity is a growing concern, especially with recent inflation trends and the impacts of adverse weather events on our food supply. The urban forest is home to many diverse edible plant species and can be leveraged to help increase availability and easy access to local food. Check out our top four most nutritious native shrubs that you can plant to grow food and our urban forest.

Small Yards, Big Impact: Three Alternatives to Planting Large Trees

Wild Geranium in the garden
Large-growing trees are an important part of the urban forest, but small yards can be overwhelmed by their presence. Often overlooked due to their size, small yards are a great opportunity to help grow the urban forest. The trick is knowing which plants to plant. Check out three alternatives to planting large-growing trees for your small yard.