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Returning to Environmental Work and Discovering a New Passion

Mary leading tree tour in public park
For Mary, the Young Urban Forest Leaders (YUFL) program was an opportunity to realign herself with the environmental field before she began a Master’s program. Participating in the YUFL program challenged her to go beyond her comfort zone and revealed an unexpected passion for community engagement and outreach. Learn more about Mary’s experience in the program and how it has shaped her career.

A New Country, New Challenges and a New Career Path

Bryony picking fruit from a tree
COVID-19 brought a lot of changes to Bryony’s life that she never could have imaged. After reflecting on the waste generated by the pandemic, she was motivated to deepen her passion for healing the environment. Discover how the Young Urban Forest Leaders (YUFL) Program empowered Bryony to pursue her goals and propel her to where she is now.

Feeding Two Birds with One Seed Through the Young Urban Forest Leaders Program

Larissa benthos sampling
As the school year wrapped up, Larissa wanted to spend the spring and summer of 2021 expanding her knowledge, while engaging with her community. Upon learning about the Young Urban Forest Leaders (YUFL) Program, she was thrilled at the opportunities the program provided. In this blog, Larissa shares how the program has spurred on her passion.

Rooting a Career in Urban Forestry with the Young Urban Forest Leaders

Natalie squatting down next to recently planted tree
Becoming a Young Urban Forest Leader (YUFL) proved to be a formative experience for Natalie Secen. She joined the YUFL program with an interest in urban forestry and now, four years later, has a fulfilling career working for a private tree care company. How did this all happen? Natalie shares with us how joining the YUFLs helped root her career in urban forestry.

Connecting to Your Calling through the Young Urban Forest Leaders

For Lucy Szczesniak, her interest in the natural environment and urban forest set off a chain of rewarding professional, personal and spiritual developments in her life. Becoming a Young Urban Forest Leader (YUFL) gave her clarity in the next chapter of her life and connected her to a new network. Hoping to inspire others to join the YUFL program, she shares her experience and guiding principles.