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You’ve heard that all of our ash trees are at risk. You’ve seen the calls to action. You’ve also been asked to become an EAB Ambassador to share information on the issue in your community. But what you may not know is how the fight is going. Through June we ramped up our efforts, going door-to-door in carefully selected areas. We’ve held training sessions across Toronto and York Region. We’ve had media coverage and outreach events. And today we're asking you to help us share a new video for the #WatchYourAsh campaign.

Keeping it green in Leslieville

Each year since 2005 we've gathered with Councillor Paula Fletcher, Toronto Hydro, community groups, artists and foodies in Leslieville to celebrate our urban forest. This fun-filled family event features a little something for everyone - tree planting? Got it. Native plant sale? Check. Organic snacks? You better believe it. And if you look up above we've even got people in trees, dancing overhead.

For the sake of baby animals

“Cutest ever!” That is the response I get when I send “Top Ten Ugliest Animal Babies” to my fiancé. As you scroll down through the tiny blind panda cubs and the curious walrus calf already brandishing a moustache, how could you think anything else? I’m on the Earth Rangers website to see what the organization has planned for the month, but I would be lying if I told you I was less than a little distracted by the photos.

Photo of the Month: The Survivor

I came across this photo through our facebook page by Sharon Helleman. It was a mature elm, right around the corner from our office at the Artscape Wychwood Barns. I’ve passed this tree many times – near the top of a lost river – Garrison Creek (soon to be the home of Canada’s first Homegrown National Park). I liked the way Sharon caught an angle that shows its towering beauty…and how she shared some of the history of our nation through its story.

Your tree could use a trim: top 5 reasons to prune

Our necks are cranked up toward the sky. Thirty-two feet overhead, Ryan Kuz reaches out from his small white bucket and calmly brings a chainsaw down on a branch, cutting through until it snaps and gracefully swings away. Caught by the rope he’s secured around it, the massive branch is slowly lowered to the ground where we’re standing. I help the crew from Fairchild TV shimmy out of the way, careful not to slip on the icy interlocking brick of the alley.