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The trees could use a drink

Who doesn’t like a good party – especially one for a great cause? Each year LEAF gathers together with friends, family, supporters, fans, and everyone interested in urban forestry as we celebrate our collective achievements and raise a glass (or two) for the trees.

Street trees in peril

In last week’s Globe and Mail, journalist and urban enthusiast John Lorinc took a look at Yorkville’s recent tree-related mishap. Though focused on a stretch of Bloor St. in downtown Toronto (coined the 'Mink Mile'), the piece points to some of the larger problems faced by our street-dwelling friends. And it’s not just the Mile’s unhappy stumps that have fallen before their time.

Planting season has begun...again

We've kicked off another spring planting season. At LEAF the entire staff gets an opportunity to go out in the field for at least one day. This means our marketing team takes time away from setting up interviews and tweaking websites to plant trees. I love the concept and needless to say it’s is a welcomed break from the glow of my computer screen. But even more than that, it’s a refreshing experience each time it rolls around.

What's up this Earth Day?

It's going to be a busy weekend. We get excited each year around this time as millions of people in over 175 countries around the globe get together to celebrate our home. This year we're spreading out to connect with diverse communities and share tips on stewarding the planet at a local level. And while Earth Day falls on Sunday, I wanted to share all of the weekend's events we'll be attending - I hope you can join us!