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One tree can make a difference: where will you plant yours this Earth Day?

©2016 Brenna Anstett / LEAF
Trees are valued for the many benefits they provide to our global landscapes. They offer us shade on hot days, provide important habitat and food for our native wildlife, combat climate change by sequestering carbon, increase property value and improve mental health – just to name a few! In honour of Earth Day, I want to share one particular benefit of our trees – their ability to decrease stormwater runoff and filter pollutants!

Mulch Much?

©2014 Brenna Anstett / LEAF
Mulching is incredibly important for urban trees and shrubs! Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, mulch also has many benefits that can improve the overall health of your garden.

How to become a Tree Tender

What is the first thing you notice when you look at a tree? For me, it’s their strong trunks that extend into branches, from which beautiful canopies emerge. Aside from admiring their beauty and receiving their benefits, I realized I didn’t really know much about trees.